May 2017 King Lakes Real Estate Market Report

May 2017 King Lakes Real Estate Market Report In May 2017 King Lakes had 10 homes on the market, 2 of which sold in this month.   The average days on market for active homes was 86, and all statuses was 73. The average list price per sq ft is $110.26 for active and $111.76 for all statuses. A months of inventory report shows King … Continued

March 2017 King Lakes Real Estate Market Report

March 2017 King Lakes Real Estate Market Report In March 2017 King Lakes had 9 homes listed on the market, 5 of which are still active. The average days on market for active homes is 35, option pending/pending is 56. The average list price per sq ft is $114.79, option pending is $126.05 and pending is $99.37. A months of inventory report … Continued

February 2017 King Lakes Real Estate Market Report

February 2017 King Lakes Real Estate Market Report In February 2017 King Lakes had 9 homes listed on the market, 6 of which are still active. One sold after 67 days on market; the average days on market of the remaining active homes is 84. The average list price per sq ft is $116.67; and the home sold 2% less than their list price. A … Continued

January 2017 King Lakes Real Estate Market Report

January 2017 King Lakes Real Estate Market Report In January 2017 King Lakes had 8 homes listed on the market, 5 of which are still active. The 2 that sold spent an average of 42 days on market; the average days on market of the remaining active homes is 85. The average list price per sq ft is $106.60; and homes sold on an … Continued

2016 King Lakes Katy, TX real estate market report

King Lakes Real Estate Market Report In 2016 King Lakes had 27 homes listed on the market, 6 of which are still active. Out of the 21 that sold, 14 sold in less than 30 days, 2 sold in 31-60 days, 1 in 61-90 days and 3 took 91-120 days. 20 of the homes were in the 200,000-$399,999 sales price range with the average sales … Continued

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Less stress.","open_graph_story":{"id":"10219375125243118"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2881875551874811","name":"Heather Armijo","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2881875551874811&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeRQc6PRoSpFlkdJ","width":120}}},"created_time":"2020-01-20T15:49:58+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience working with Erica. We sold and purchased a home with her in 2019. She has a deep knowledge of the industry, gives clear and organized communications and will support you professionally and personally through the entire process. Erica truly cares about her clients and is just amazing at what she does! Erica, we are so grateful for all you have done for us!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10106230003460296"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2651494321564712","name":"Chris Skiles","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2651494321564712&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeR4pLMLJxvQB69a","width":120}}},"created_time":"2019-12-31T22:41:23+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica is everything you want in a realtor. She hustles, knows the market, is super attentive and goes WAY above and beyond. We were selling our home in a non-peak time for sellers, and were still able to get top-dollar for our home within a couple of weeks. She's a class-act all the way, and you'll be hard-pressed to find another realtor that is the full package the way Erica is. Super grateful to have worked with Erica and have her on our side. \ud83d\ude4f","open_graph_story":{"id":"10158114541828083"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2836506053028601","name":"David W. Grisko","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2836506053028601&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeRR6IBZ59UVPETo","width":120}}},"created_time":"2019-09-21T14:28:16+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica is many things, but in a word: fantastic. \n\nWe\u2019ve had many experiences\/moves over many years working for large energy companies, and worked with many real estate brokers. Erica is BY FAR the best. To say that I would recommend her to everyone and anyone I know, just doesn\u2019t say enough. \n\nShe stayed in touch with us for 4 years after first meeting her, through that time periodically checking in, and helping us to find the right new property for us to begin our next chapter. We are so happy here, and it most likely would not have happened without her. \n\nErica\u2019s energy in working as our advocate seems boundless. It is truly amazing. She is attentive, responsive, customer focused, and extremely knowledgeable and capable in her field. She gives great counsel, while working with her customers to shape the direction. \n\nWe are so grateful to know you Erica, and call you our friend. You are very special to us. Thank you!!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10214066179834916"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2510390425749295","name":"Tamara Mefford Grisko","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2510390425749295&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeSIyrl1wvOxtLPi","width":120}}},"created_time":"2019-09-21T14:12:31+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"We are in our dream house because of Erica. After meeting her at an open house 4 years ago, Erica continued to stay in touch, checking in and occasionally sending us listings to consider. We were only casually looking for the inspiration property to move, and I had provided her a long list of expectations for that property. After 3.5 years of looking, we decided to stay put and update our own beautiful home. But Erica didn\u2019t forget, and when the property that fit our list popped up, she shared it. That lead us to move off dead center and list our house to see if we could make it work. Erica knew the timing would be tricky to accomplish the sell\/buy we needed, but she was game to take the risk. And it paid off for all of us!\n\nAfter successfully negotiating the sale and purchase, Erica managed all aspects of the transactions keeping our best interest at the forefront. As someone that typically needs to micromanage the details, Erica made it easy for me to let go knowing she had it all covered. Her team is also top notch and lovely to work with. And she\u2019s funny too! The whole process was a pleasure, even when it got tricky at the end. We highly recommend Erica and her excellent team of professionals!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10218923248808902"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"1981081951994103","name":"Danielle Rice","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=1981081951994103&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeQTMF6KIlJAmKtb","width":120}}},"created_time":"2019-07-29T03:48:24+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica is an awesome, kind, genuine, and trustworthy realtor to work with. She is diligent in preparing you for the selling\/buying process. She is creative in her approach and truly goes above and beyond in all aspects. She is quick to respond, fights for you, and encourages you along the way. She is a woman of integrity and it was a joy getting to work with her.","open_graph_story":{"id":"10218552445020526"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2591240057661455","name":"Katharyn Briscoe Gray","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2591240057661455&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeR6XK6khO3vqVOn","width":120}}},"created_time":"2019-07-04T22:44:27+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I truly wish every person who needs to sell a home would have the privilege of working with a Broker of such a high caliber as Erica Stietenroth, Keller-Williams, particularly if, before the sale has taken place, you have to move more than 200 miles away. \n\nEarly in 2019, I made the decision to sell my property in Katy, Texas and move back to the rural Community where I grew up, near Waco, Texas. I won\u2019t even go into the how and why I refused to even consider two Brokers who were recommended to me and selected Erica, based on her information flyers, but I really do want to highlight how satisfying it was to realize my decision to partner with Erica was spot on. \n\nFrom our initial meeting when she explained the entire process to me, even taking the time to handwrite some aspects due to me being hearing impaired and following up with email to ensure I had all the information I needed to make an informed decision about each step of the overall process and understand detailed aspects, to the final \u201ctransaction funded\u201d notice, I knew if I had any concerns, I only needed to fly off a text or email and Erica would immediately answer any concerns that I had. Once the listing was in place, Erica ensured that I received timely updates and overviews on the real estate market in my area, feedback from viewers of my property, and how specific properties near mine were performing. This is valuable information that helps keep a seller\u2019s mind at ease, and \nprovides indications of necessary adjustments. \n\nMost sellers have emotional connections to their property; so, what I REALLY treasured, was her ability to display her professionalism and complete grasp of the Real Estate market while at the same time displaying extreme sensitivity in helping me to \u201clet go\u201d as she provided me with realistic options from which to make the final decision, based on what I was comfortable with. \n\nI signed the contract at the end of January. The property hit the market in mid-April, and I closed the end of June. Well done, Erica Stietenroth. \nKatharyn Gray","open_graph_story":{"id":"2752992161383578"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2534793043270842","name":"Matt Miller","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2534793043270842&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeQOqNz2XDie3zRT","width":120}}},"created_time":"2019-06-29T00:32:07+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica was extremely patient and flexible with our move. We were moving from out of town and didn't know if we wanted to rent or buy. Of course, we knew nothing about town and had to start from scratch with identifying areas to live.\n\nErica spent hours helping us understand the areas and narrow down our search. She also helped us establish a reasonable budget to get the things we wanted.\n\nUltimately, Erica spent many hours helping us land our perfect rental, and we're already excited about buying with her after our rental is over. Her service, knowledge, and experience is second to none!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10111853052923858"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2823787077655485","name":"Tony Guan","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2823787077655485&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeTi8BLTnokT8Byo","width":120}}},"created_time":"2019-06-11T20:42:29+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica is an awesome, genuine, ALWAYS-LOOKING-OUT-FOR YOU, type of realtor you want on your side! She has years of experience, and not just that, the mind to take a challenge and take care of it WITH you! She is not just a realtor, but your confidante with this whole process. Armed with tools and resources to make things successful!","open_graph_story":{"id":"2701898216490206"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2761387827217197","name":"Anna Beare","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2761387827217197&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeTkqcXq--cYDZLw","width":120}}},"created_time":"2019-06-02T20:09:57+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"My husband and I had been researching realtors for quite awhile. We knew of Erica through the neighborhood, but this time around in buying and selling a home, we wanted to be sure we found a realtor who would meet our expectations. Erica fit the bill and then some. She is energetic, fresh, knowledgeable, innovative and above all, she knows her \"stuff\". She sold our house in no more than two days and helped us through some tricky spots on buying our new home. I happily rate this \"burst of energy\" realtor A+","open_graph_story":{"id":"10156316044893479"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2643680332342620","name":"Michael McDonald","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2643680332342620&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeT46dLAcPLrtd4v","width":120}}},"created_time":"2018-09-27T12:29:13+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica was amazing! My wife and I were first time home buyers and Erica patiently walked us through everything. She is a wealth of knowledge and was always there to assist us. Thank you Erica!","open_graph_story":{"id":"2426652290678305"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"3235932299766646","name":"Dana Jean","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=3235932299766646&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeT5UkEzedlYCld3","width":120}}},"created_time":"2018-09-26T02:34:27+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica was great. As first time homebuyers, she was a great advocate and resource!","open_graph_story":{"id":"353302548743838"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2553733731372421","name":"Ali Robin","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2553733731372421&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeSMboRZky-3OKqr","width":120}}},"created_time":"2018-09-26T01:41:17+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica explains everything to you and holds your hand through the whole process. Made everything go very smoothly! She even has a book she gave us that we brought to all the homes we looked at. It helped us to remember and tell one house from another! Thank you Erica!","open_graph_story":{"id":"2150582541640708"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"3631851920166296","name":"Sheridan Rampaul","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=3631851920166296&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeTuZ5VZCnMlCdtB","width":120}}},"created_time":"2018-09-25T20:34:04+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica is wonderful to work with. Her knowledge, expertise and insight ensured a speedy and hassle free experience.","open_graph_story":{"id":"10215668471483100"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2720820187985109","name":"Adam Robin","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2720820187985109&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeQzrqVVDNxMXFVi","width":120}}},"created_time":"2018-09-18T16:56:33+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I am very glad to have had Erica as our realtor. As a first time home buyer I had no idea what I was getting in to. Erica was prompt and present throughout the entire process. Anytime I had a question or concern she was there immediately to assist. She listens to her clients wants and needs for their home and wastes no time gathering properties that fit. I will be using Erica on our next home and will recommend her to anyone that may be interested in moving. Thanks Erica!","open_graph_story":{"id":"2045920875459795"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2711588892197489","name":"Christine Hamilton Mayes","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2711588892197489&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeTe_-HyF2Km7mxN","width":120}}},"created_time":"2018-05-20T19:39:26+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Thank you Erica for helping make our move to Houston simpler. We can't say enough good things about Erica. We moved from Hawaii to Houston and before we had arrived on the mainland, Erica had already set a day to review houses. We're renting our first year and we will definitely use Erica when it's time to buy.","open_graph_story":{"id":"1932599546759100"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2861625227195553","name":"Lori Sampels","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2861625227195553&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeS1rK-CXsi_qNiW","width":120}}},"created_time":"2018-04-06T12:30:05+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"We can\u2019t say enough about our realtor Erica Stietenroth! Our home sold in one day! Erica knew exactly what we needed to do to prepare our home for listing. In addition her knowledge of the Katy area and Pin Oak Village was phenomenal! She was working to sell our home even before it was listed! She used every resource available- including social media to bring our home to buyers attention. Thank you Erica! You helped to make our dreams come true!","open_graph_story":{"id":"1818884611476775"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2236719076434029","name":"Mary Mackin","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2236719076434029&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeQO0uDHUfut7lQv","width":120}}},"created_time":"2018-03-30T21:59:09+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"2138694923026263"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2531959053567168","name":"Kayli Montgomery","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2531959053567168&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeSB9_SxIYn8NUOY","width":120}}},"created_time":"2018-02-27T15:20:40+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"My husband and I just closed on our first house last week. I can\u2019t tell Erica thank you enough for all of her hard work, time, and patience. With this being my first home I was nervous about everything. I had a lot of questions and worried more than I should. Erica never once got frustrated with me she continually talked me through everything and answered all of my questions right away. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking to buy a house. Erica is absolutely wonderful, and the most important part is she was more of a friend trying to help us rather than an agent! :)","open_graph_story":{"id":"237243993508807"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2559887497435998","name":"Lauren Coleman Shepard","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2559887497435998&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeT056fvyB-OsuDT","width":120}}},"created_time":"2018-02-21T17:11:15+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica is hands down AMAZING! She is truly driven and passionate about making her clients' dreams come true. From her initial consultation to closing, you won't be disappointed with her dedication. She is one in a million, and I can't wait to refer more clients to her.","open_graph_story":{"id":"10156112421210480"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2878684348828165","name":"Charlotte Cutbirth Ducote","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2878684348828165&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeQgFMSRHIA5ENB_","width":120}}},"created_time":"2017-12-31T18:49:00+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I couldn\u2019t be more pleased with the referral experience that Erica provided for my clients who recently moved to the Houston area! She kept me informed on every step of the process AND my clients loved her! I will be sending all my Houston referrals to her in the future!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10155291477242874"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"3059793427370720","name":"Jimmy Mocci","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=3059793427370720&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeQTHvjZLzGPM_RZ","width":120}}},"created_time":"2017-12-31T16:22:34+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Looking for a top agent in Houston? A referral partner who your clients will rave about? Erica is the go to! She has worked thoroughly with the clients I referred to her and provided HUGE results! 15k over asking! Sold in 4 days! Our client was ecstatic about how professional, observant and reliable Erica is. There is no one else for the job, if you want it done right! 10\/10 Thank you Erica for being a Rockstar!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10156165371074742"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2477943208910333","name":"Beth Ellen McKinney","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2477943208910333&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeTTFrM_oNSrURtO","width":120}}},"created_time":"2017-12-06T18:19:15+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica is organized, knowledgeable and sensitive to her clients' needs. She listened to my concerns, my hopes and my anxieties about choosing the right house at the right time. Even though I have decided against moving to the Houston area, I know that I had the best agent possible while I was looking. I will always be grateful for Erica.","open_graph_story":{"id":"10214749288143527"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2637148313006544","name":"Kim Girouard Nunez","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2637148313006544&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeR5IWE8nZuTe-vk","width":120}}},"created_time":"2017-08-14T15:59:10+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica rocks! We would highly recommend her. She kept in touch with us and gave us the advice we needed for a quick (full price) sale on our house. She was professional and a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process.","open_graph_story":{"id":"10213321028361535"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2519656811451692","name":"Joann Delagarza","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2519656811451692&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeRIUq6iBrE_YwvL","width":120}}},"created_time":"2017-08-10T00:35:55+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica is far the best realtor I have ever had! She is very knowledgeable, professional and wonderful! Erica kept us informed daily !!!! Erica my family and I appreciate what you have done for us to assist us in home \ufffd we are very blessed that god put you in our path to help us after battling a double mastectomy you are our angel!!! Blessings to you and yours!!!!","open_graph_story":{"id":"717799755057599"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"1690168907746847","name":"Stephanie Skiles","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=1690168907746847&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeQXw_875SjyoL7_","width":120}}},"created_time":"2017-06-30T14:00:16+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I just purchased my first home with the help of Erica and she was a great resource throughout the entire buying process. Great communication, timely responses, always on top of things, and she made zero mistakes. I felt comfortable trusting her with all of the paperwork and knew she would make sure everything was correct. She provided guidance and advice, but always let me make the final decision on everything. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a realtor for buying or selling a home, and even for rentals.","open_graph_story":{"id":"10110890846757674"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2249336808512001","name":"Lawrence Stan","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2249336808512001&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeS7w5x7IPSzCKRw","width":120}}},"created_time":"2017-05-28T21:07:43+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica Stietenroth was a pleasure to work with and really fought for me to get me everything i wanted, i would recommend erica to anyone looking for a home to buy a great person to have on your side.","open_graph_story":{"id":"1697679900260274"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2541237472619785","name":"Carrie Brooks","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2541237472619785&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeQT3so3K-dtHw6g","width":120}}},"created_time":"2017-05-24T19:53:24+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica was great from the very beginning. Luckily it didn't take very long for us to find a place but we felt comfortable with her right away. She was like an old friend helping us out. We will definitely use her in the future. \nShe's on top of her game and is very knowledgeable.","open_graph_story":{"id":"10155319989041703"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2523940227675556","name":"Karen Kubos","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2523940227675556&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeT7txT2Qcw2N6iG","width":120}}},"created_time":"2017-05-17T17:10:56+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"With Erica's help, the purchase of my first home was seamless. From our initial contact in which she helped me find a short-term apartment rental until I could find and close on a home, all the way to closing and beyond, she has been there for me every step of the way. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and works hard to ensure her clients understand and are comfortable with the process. She had great recommendations for inspectors, lenders, and all of the other services needed during the home buying process. Although I know she is very busy with other clients, I always felt like I was a priority to her. I can't thank her enough for her help, and I would recommend Erica to anyone looking for their first or next home!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10212695798700179"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2513261385430697","name":"Esther Tinnin","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2513261385430697&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeR64PoRZcGuI1lJ","width":120}}},"created_time":"2017-05-04T23:09:13+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica is a SUPERSTAR realtor! She went above and beyond anything I ever expected! She is very passionate and enthusiastic and is very knowledge and great to work with. I will recommend Erica to all of my friends and family. Thanks Erica! \ud83d\udc4d\ud83d\udc4d\ud83d\ude03","open_graph_story":{"id":"1907016549567552"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2718095228252989","name":"Holly Washington Sieger","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2718095228252989&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeQ2xSJFn41SdggT","width":120}}},"created_time":"2017-01-15T22:55:18+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica was everything we wanted in a realtor. She was professional, prompt, responsive, knowledgeable and hard-working. Our house sold quickly in the \"off-season\" because of her efforts and good advice. I wish every service professional were like her!","open_graph_story":{"id":"1218937311476456"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2659933024066855","name":"Jessalynn Boling","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2659933024066855&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeSXsVXToJ-QoEjn","width":120}}},"created_time":"2017-01-11T15:45:41+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica was absolutely amazing!! She was great to work with and very on top of her job. We called her very last minute and she still took us on and found us a house to rent within 2 days. She was so helpful and guided us through the whole process and made it super easy. She never got annoyed with my billions of questions making sure we were doing everything correctly. She was quick to call and treated us like her top priority. We will be buying a house in the future and we will definitely be using her again when that time comes. Thank you for your hard work and excellent service my family and I really appreciated everything.","open_graph_story":{"id":"10211451177054041"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2536417303063419","name":"Erica Lytle Stietenroth","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2536417303063419&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeTECINJkAFnM-vd","width":120}}},"created_time":"2017-01-11T05:47:39+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"From a great client who isn't on Facebook: Unfortunately agents don't have a way for reviews to syndicate out from a single location. I wanted to share this here! You can find the same review on HAR verbatim \ufffd\n\n\"Erica did an awesome job in helping us sell our house. Her valuable input was with us all along from listing the house to closing and even after closing. She provided excellent guidance regarding doing upgrades to our home which really helped to sell the house.\" - 7739 Shavano Ln.","open_graph_story":{"id":"10211928618793155"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2850532161638286","name":"Sharita Ree-ree","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2850532161638286&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeQe3fN69lpJZTeT","width":120}}},"created_time":"2017-01-06T00:21:32+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Thank you for helping my family find a house for lease in the area we asked for. Your expertise exceeds in all areas. I asked for a 3 bedroom with a separate kitchen and a two car garage. That's what you located for us and negotiate with the realtor. I will be using you when it's time for me to purchase a house.","open_graph_story":{"id":"10211720659512392"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2503606433080827","name":"William Robert Zlacki","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2503606433080827&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeSue2Y6e7qv1-VW","width":120}}},"created_time":"2016-12-07T20:15:29+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"370650903276829"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"3180756105327652","name":"Brandon Lytle","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=3180756105327652&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeSX69C5gUqbdJWg","width":120}}},"created_time":"2016-11-19T03:04:40+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I have to say that taking on Erica'a challenge to \"trust her\" was what ultimately sold our house. \n\nWe had been through three agents on our own and had interviewed at least seven others. Listed three times unsuccessfully with three different agents, our home in GA finally SOLD (!!!!!) after we approached Erica for an agent referral.\n\nShe vetted the agents based in her criteria and sent us three agents that were powerfully qualified. She did the heavy lifting, we merely had to choose the one we thought would service our needs the best.\n\nWe had multiple offers on the house, finally selling in under the average days-on-market.\n\nThank your Erica Stietenroth for SELLING OUR HOUSE!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10153811153721503"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2519811791399705","name":"Luciana Faria Maalouf","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2519811791399705&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeQb26B295_ds99p","width":120}}},"created_time":"2016-11-15T16:31:10+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica was great and a pleasure to work with! She was kind, proactive, communicated regularly, and listened to our wants and needs, even when those were changing throughout the home-buying process. Erica was thorough in explaining each step of the process, and lined up houses for us to see on short notice. She was very patient in explaining the process at any time of the day - even at night! Her flexibility around our schedule was also very much appreciated. Overall, she made the home-buying process easy for first-time buyers like us. We highly recommend Erica and will be glad to work with her again in the future!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10103037221600772"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2572170439488874","name":"Gina Gatz Cornelius","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2572170439488874&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeS7egaYndJBCMH6","width":120}}},"created_time":"2016-11-01T00:54:03+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"We love working with Erica, her clients love her and it is evident that she works very hard to help her clients find the right house for their needs!!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10210064647725082"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2575020185907955","name":"Robin Stone McNutt","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2575020185907955&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeQQZIy6R_Dd-mq1","width":120}}},"created_time":"2016-10-31T17:32:42+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica, Thank you for recommending great realtors for both of my children! One in Austin selling a home and one in Hartford, CT buying her first home. Both children are extremely happy. You rock!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10209139825071101"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2356833234428375","name":"Nicole Haggard LeBoeuf","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2356833234428375&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeSKytY0QiMA7dwg","width":120}}},"created_time":"2016-10-27T01:22:27+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica delivers on service above the competition. A true professional that any client would want in their corner.","open_graph_story":{"id":"10209355604359492"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2936272393073837","name":"Kathy Henry","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2936272393073837&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeQsisUPU9Bn9nLd","width":120}}},"created_time":"2016-08-24T14:46:35+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"We found Erica Stietenroth to be professional yet personable. She is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market. She went above and beyond our expectations. We moved out of state, and left our property in her capable hands. She got results! Hire her. You won't be sorry you did.","open_graph_story":{"id":"1255107174523025"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2106466919456235","name":"Sheri Macrino Spencer","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2106466919456235&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeT4_gH2SCz7YfLT","width":120}}},"created_time":"2016-08-04T19:22:30+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica was tremendously helpful during our home search in Katy. We are from out of state and Erica had great insight into the various locations that we were considering, always pointing out pros, cons and even educating us on zoning as it is much different here. She was extremely knowledgable with the contracts and negotiations as well. Ultimately we ended up with a fabulous home in a great location and we could not have done it without Erica!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10209570009464161"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"1675699952555291","name":"Laura Goodall","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=1675699952555291&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeTv4QzwbSuYZPPL","width":120}}},"created_time":"2016-04-15T18:41:08+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica quickly responded to a FB post I made on a city FB page. She was enthusiastic and got the ground running to help us quickly find a home to lease. Her service was efficient and effective. The only thing that slowed down our process was my availability and seeing the \"right\" home. She was very accommodating to my needs and traveled wherever necessary to meet me.\r\nI highly recommend her for all your leasing and home buying needs.","open_graph_story":{"id":"10207539956910692"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2887901534577870","name":"Salvador Belgara","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2887901534577870&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeQf4ZVxPQ8VGODA","width":120}}},"created_time":"2016-01-31T18:30:03+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I found Erica through my neighborhood Facebook page. I couldn't have asked for it to be an easier experience. She really made selling my first home a smooth transaction. I highly recommend her if you are planning on selling your home!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10208720740438346"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"3019330324748682","name":"Johanna Brasen","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=3019330324748682&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeTPa6h3i4t4vp0w","width":120}}},"created_time":"2015-09-24T16:24:29+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"We found Erica through an online search and she helped us out in a crunch, late on a Friday night with lease renewal documents. She was very helpful in a time of need; I appreciated an agent who was willing to help and would certainly consider her for future transactions!","open_graph_story":{"id":"475753362602530"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2350835038373086","name":"Larry Lytle","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2350835038373086&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeRFYJWLgogztrBW","width":120}}},"created_time":"2015-04-23T14:29:06+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Erica is a driven, tenacious, and highly-ethical professional who truly cares about her clients and works extremely hard on their behalf. As an accomplished business woman and former CEO, she brings both enormous creativity and marketing savvy to the effort of helping her clients buy\/sell real estate. Erica listens to understand and focus on your particular needs and priorities. She doesn't waste your time. She'll tell you what she thinks. And she'll work diligently to help you negotiate the best result. I recommend Erica without any hesitation.","open_graph_story":{"id":"10206421668043213"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2884241114941893","name":"Jorge Guzman","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2884241114941893&height=120&width=120&ext=1590411986&hash=AeQncqZ_9b6goaLh","width":120}}},"created_time":"2015-04-20T20:14:16+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"690961347693754"}}]}
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