A touching interview with Shaw and Teresa, The owners of Rose Farm.

Today, on discovering Magnolia, Texas, we are at Rose Farm; let’s go in and meet the owners, Teresa and Shaw, and see what they’re all about.

Video Transcript:

Introduction (Shaw and Teresa’s Background & How it Started)

Erica: All right, so Shaw and Teresa, thank you so much for having me out here today. I’m so excited about this and what an amazingly beautiful place you have and that you have created out here, and I’m excited to learn all the inspiration behind your story here. So let’s start out: are you from Magnolia, or what brought you out here if you’re not?

Teresa:  We started out basically everywhere before we, like, planted roots here. We started in Pearland and basically moved around as we were renovating and flipping homes throughout the Houston area. Finally, Shaw found us this property. I know a lot of people think it was my idea to grow roses, but it’s actually Shaw’s idea; he suckered me in and said, “How would you like to grow roses out here?”

Shaw: Teresa was really hesitant at the time, but I knew she loved roses. We grew roses in the city in our small home there.

Teresa: When he mentioned growing roses out here and moving out, I thought, “Okay, well, let’s do some research and see if it’s a possibility,” and all I did was look up to see if anybody else did it; nobody did except for maybe Antique Rose Emporium, which is out in Brenham, which isn’t too far from here, and I thought they grew antique roses, which have been around for over 100 years, so if they’re able to do that, then maybe there’s hope for us.”

What do you mainly do here?

Erica: So let’s talk a little bit about what you do here on the rose farm because, first of all, you grow the roses, and I believe you sell them wholesale to other florists, is that correct?

Teresa: Yeah, okay, so our original intent for this farm was specifically for cut flowers for cut bouquets, and what we do is offer them to wholesale florists and flower designers, but we also offer them direct to consumers exactly so that they can enjoy roses here locally versus having to source them from California or Washington, which is where predominantly all the rose farms are.

Events at Rose Farm

Erica:  And then you also have some events here. I know that you’re having a tea room event here this week’s weekend.

Teresa: Yeah, so it started to evolve, and we sort of let the community and the people around us dictate where they would like this place to be because I think one of the reasons why we started this business was for the community: to provide our neighbors and the locals a new place, somewhere different, to go to experience roses in a different way, and then photographers reached out to us, and we loved this because it’s new, it’s different, it’s unique, and other people reached out to us saying they wanted to get married here and some other events.

About the place and management

Erica:  I mean, what an amazing place and space to be able to have a wedding event here. Even from driving up the driveway, it’s green-lined; you just feel a pressure release as you’re coming out, and then all of a sudden, you turn that corner, and you’re just welcomed by this amazing view.

Erica: There is no family affair right? 100% you guys don’t have anyone else working here

Teresa: Yes not at the moment

Erica: So you guys are not only planting the seeds, you’re helping, you’re doing whatever it takes to do all the maintenance things to grow them all, the maintenance you’re doing, then the selections you’re delivering them, I mean everything right from start to finish

Shaw and Teresa: (Both agreeing) we’re doing the whole thing.
Erica: And I mean what a better thing when people talk about supporting local to be able to buy a bouquet of flowers for their significant other or the teacher or whoever it happens to be and having that story and having that behind it, I mean it’s amazing

Teresa: Yes! To spread Joy through roses.

Variety of Roses

Erica: All right, so let’s talk about some of the different varieties of roses that you have here, which you kind of mentioned previously, but what are some of the other flowers that we’ll see here on the property?

Teresa: So everything you’ll see here are roses, and a lot of these roses are bred in Europe. The reason why we chose those types of varieties is that they have this old-world charm, there are tons of pedal counts on them, and they have the most amazing fragrance.

Upcoming Things and Happening

Erica: So let’s talk about some of the things that you have on the horizon because there are some exciting things coming up for you guys.

Shaw and Teresa: Yes, there is!

Teresa: There are some exciting things, so one of the major things that’s in the works right now is that we are bringing possibly 10 new varieties to our farm, and these are rare roses that you’ve never seen offered in the U.S.

Erica: And then you have an invitation?

Teresa: Yes, so surprisingly, I don’t see us as small timers, and I don’t see us as anybody of any kind of importance, but a big grower, probably one of the biggest growers or breeders, I should say, from France, Million International, has invited us to tour their R&D facility in Provence, France.

Social Details and Location

Erica: So people can go online to your website, yes. What is the web address there for them?

Teresa: It’s www.lifeinrosefarm.com

Erica: And then they can also find you on Instagram, which you’re very active on.

Teresa: “Well you kind of have to be right”

Erica: So where can they find you on Instagram?

on Instagram and on Facebook it’s @lifeinrosefarm 

Erica: And then you’re actually physically located here in Magnolia.

Teresa: We are in Magnolia reference-speaking, on the south side of what they consider old Magnolia, so we’re closer to the Tomball and Cypress sides of Magnolia.


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