A touching interview with Bo, The owner of Legacy Nutrition.

Today, on discovering Magnolia, Texas, we’re going to meet the owners of Legacy Nutrition; let’s see what they’re all about.

Video Transcript:

Introduction (Bo’s Background)

Erica: Bo, thanks so much for having us today. Let’s talk about your background here in Magnolia. You and your wife have been here for a long time.

Bo:  I graduated from Magnolia High School back in the 90s and mid-90s, and my wife was in the late 90s when she graduated. I played sports in high school, and it’s always been a passion slash hobby of mine. I went to Iowa to play football up there for a year or two, and as I came back, I just fell more in love with working out, supplements, training, and all aspects of that stuff.

Bo’s Passion

Erica: Well, you have kids that have grown up through the Magnolia schools and played sports here as well, right?

Bo: Yes, my son just graduated high school last year from Magnolia West, and he played baseball, so that was primarily where my focus for training was. Training and spending a lot of time with him in the cages, on the field, and in the weight room is near and dear to my heart. I love to watch the progression; I love to see where they start and where they end up, and the hard work that goes behind it that other people aren’t seeing.

What they Cater

Erica: It’s not just the high school athlete that you cater to; it’s everybody of all ages, so whether they’re adults that are just working out at a regular fitness program or if they’re trying to maintain a certain physique, you are able to help anybody no matter where they are in their stage, whether they’re building an athlete or perfecting their athleticism.

Bo: That or if we’re just trying to get back in shape if you’re a 50-year-old adult and you know life happens and we get out of routine and we get into bad routines, and then we gain extra weight or we have high blood pressure or a variety of other medical problems. I try to meet the needs of everyone who walks through the door. I want to learn enough to help you get to where you want to go.

What they Offer (Products and Supplements)

Erica: So let’s talk about some of the supplements that you have in your store. You have a wall of protein powders, but let’s talk about some of the other offerings that you have here in your store.

Bo: With the different proteins and the number of proteins that we have, there are different types of proteins, and mainly they’re digestion-related; some of them are very fast digesting, some of them are medium, some of them are for weight gain, and some of them are for just maintaining. So we have the proteins. We also have pre-workouts that assist you and help you get more out of your workout. I have energy drinks and snacks and a host of different vitamins, and I have my creatines and my post-workout stuff and stimulant-free fat burners, meaning no caffeine or anything like that. I try to carry a wide range of different products.

Business Partner (Bo’s Wife)

Erica: So it’s not just you that’s involved in your store here; you also have a partner.

Bo: Yes, my wife does a great job. I’d say 99.9 percent of our marketing comes from my wife; she’s the brains of the operation, too.

The organization they’ve joined (Where they Sponsor)

Erica: You guys do sponsor some of the local schools here.

Bo: Yes, I sponsored a couple of sports for junior high and several sports for high school. I love working with the kids, and we try to sponsor as many organizations as we can around here.

Where did the business part come from

Erica: So with all of this background in sports and nutrition, where did the business part come from? Because this isn’t a franchise that you bought into where you’re given a manual and people are coaching you and saying you have to do this and that, like this is really your mom-and-pop shop here.

Bo: Yes, so I was a manager at Nutrition Depot, which is a huge franchise and one of the bigger nutrition stores in the Houston area. I’ve worked there for a long time for one of my really good friends, Walter, and he taught me a lot about this industry, a lot about the products, and a lot about talking to people and asking them all the questions that we went over. Before, I kind of learned the ins and outs of managing orders and things like that, which, business-wise, I had never done before. So when we decided to open up our own place, the name came up. What are we going to name it? We thought long and hard, and I had several options. I just kept coming back to Legacy, and I feel like the reason it meant so much to me was that I’ve got four kids, four grandchildren, and one on the way. I just kept thinking to myself—you know, this could be my legacy that I’m leading to.

Shop details (Locations and Social Media)

Erica: Now that everybody’s learned about your business, they want to come in and buy some of your protein or your healthy snacks. Where can they find you?

Bo: I’m located in the heart of Old Magnolia, right next to Brookshire Brothers, in the same parking lot and strip center that Brookshire Brothers is in.

Erica: And if they want to find you online, they can find you on both Instagram and Facebook, correct?

Bo: Correct, yes, those are the only two social media platforms that we’re on right now: Facebook is just Legacy Nutrition, and then on Instagram, we’re at Legacy Nutrition Magazine, TX.


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